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No visit to Sentosa is complete without going for a swim.

There are three options for swimmers: Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach for those that love the outdoors.

You can also go for a dip at one of the pools at the various beach clubs at Rumours Beach Club, FOC Sentosa, and Tanjong Beach Club. And if you're heading to our beaches on weekends, please reserve you entry at 5 days before your visit.

This guide details the options available to you and our recommendations.

Sentosa is a magnet for beach goers, and with good reason. Its three beaches are relatively safe for competent swimmers, and beginners alike. However, swimming at any beach can be tricky. Every beach has its own unique profile and hazards that you may need to look out for.

"Always swim between the Red and Yellow ('Swim Here') flags, where the area is closely supervised by our Beach Patrol Officers," advises Ahmad Lutfi Saimin, Beach Operations Supervisor at Sentosa.

The Sentosa Beach Patrol team operates daily from 9am to 7pm. Swimming past 7pm is not advisable as it can be dangerous, especially if you're alone. There are no Beach Patrol officers on duty from 7pm to 9am the following day.

He adds, "You should never swim under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Children are to be supervised by an adult at all times, and, if possible, always swim with a buddy."

Ahmad Lutfi also shares with us what to look out for when swimming at Sentosa’s three beaches.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests are of paramount importance to us. We would like to assure guests that our BPOs are conducting regular surveillance of our beaches and waters.

Palawan Beach

Why swim here?

There are Beach Patrol officers around looking out for your safety and guests are encouraged to swim at the Red and Yellow flag area.

What to look out for:

Do not attempt to swim to the Southernmost Point if you are not a good swimmer as there are strong currents around the area.

Tanjong Beach

Why swim here?

It’s usually very serene and less crowded on weekdays as it is quite a distance to reach.

What to look out for:

There are no Beach Patrol officers on weekdays except for weekends and public holidays so you’re encouraged to swim with a buddy. If you see anyone in trouble, the Rangers hotline number can be found on the rear panel of the observation towers.

Siloso Beach

Why swim here?

There are Beach Patrol officers at the beach looking out for your safety and guests are encouraged to swim at the Red and Yellow flag area.

What to look out for:

There are three “No Swim" zones, and they are located where the Beach Patrol observation towers are located.

Red and yellow flag at Palawan Beach

International Beach Safety Flag system

The Sentosa Beach Patrol team uses flags to advise guests on water conditions. Can you spot these on the beach?

Red and yellow flags

The red and yellow (SWIM HERE) flags mark a recommended swim area, where a lifesaving service is operating. Swim between the flags and the Beach Patrol Officers can watch over you.

Red Flag

The red flag indicates that there are dangers present and that you should not enter the water. These possible dangers could be due to:

  • Lightning Warning
  • Strong Currents
  • Jellyfish Season
  • Other hazards (oil spill, poor visibility, flotsam)


When in doubt, do not hesitate to approach any of the Beach Patrol Officers wearing the colors of the flags; Red and Yellow. They will be happy to assist you.

Check out the video below for more beach safety tips:



For the comfort of all visitors, pets must be put on a leash at all times and be under proper control. However, pets are not allowed on board the cable car, express trains, buses, beach trams and Sentosa Boardwalk.
Here are some things to note when bringing your pets to Sentosa.



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