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Sustainability starts anywhere

Phasing out single use plastics? Check. Electric car sharing? Check. Rainwater collection system? Check. Nature conservation? Yes, check that one too.

These are just some of the sustainability initiatives that are implemented by Sentosa and its Island Partners.

Sentosa has always worked towards developing itself in a sustainable manner. Despite development works over the years, the original tranquil and green environment still remains.

Following a sustainability plan to minimize the island’s carbon footprint, conserve its flora and fauna, develop itself as a hub for green projects and adopt responsible environmental standards and business practices, Sentosa and its Island Partners has embarked on several projects and activities.

Read on to find out more about the nature/ eco initiatives in Sentosa!

Recycle with Smart Reverse Vending Machines

Simple acts will make a big impact! Starting 30 June 2020, Smart Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) under the Recycle N Save initiative will be installed in the State of Fun, which will make recycling easier, with added benefits. 

Bring down recyclable items such as empty plastic drink bottles and aluminum drink cans to the smart RVMs in Sentosa and get rewards! For every 10 plastic bottles or aluminum cans recycled, you will be able to choose your preferred reward under the Multi-Reward Scheme, such as a coupon to redeem for a 5 token Sentosa Fun Pass.

As an initiative by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and F&N, Recycle N Save aims to encourage everyone in Singapore to adopt better and more recycling habits. Since the launch in October 2019, 2.4 million plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans have been collected through the 15 RVMs so far. 

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Ride a BlueSG Car

Reduce your carbon footprint when you make your way to Sentosa via BlueSG, Singapore’s first electric carsharing service. There are now three charge ports on the island – Resorts World Sentosa, Beach Station, and Sentosa Cove.

Unlike traditional car rentals, BlueSG works on a one-way rental system. This means you will not be paying for the duration the car is parked at a charging station. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to get a car after your day out here just because it’s a one-way rental – BlueSG allows for advance pickup and return reservations.

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Discover Sentosa’s heritage trees and buildings

Did you know that Sentosa is home to some 27 carefully-preserved heritage trees and over 30 conserved buildings? While it’s a destination of fun for our guests is also home to the natural environment that has been preserved throughout the years with continuous effort.

You can find of the largest and oldest heritage trees right at the entrance Rasa Sentosa Resort. The Angsana tree is 27m tall and has a girth of 10.2m. To qualify for Heritage Trees status, a tree's girth must be more than 5m; and it’s also judged on its botanical, historical, social and aesthetic values.

If you didn’t know this already, Sentosa was once used by the British as a military fortress, and there are forts, barracks, and gun pill-boxes strewn across the island. The most famous one of all is Fort Siloso. This fully restored military fort and on-site museum is perhaps the best place to learn more about what happened during WWII.

Stay in an eco-hotel

There are plenty of hotels to stay in Sentosa but how about staying in one that wears its eco credentials proudly on its sleeves? Siloso Beach Resort is designed to minimize the environmental footprint and maximize energy efficiency. With buildings designed around existing forestation and 72% of the resort exposed to natural weather conditions, the resort has sure gone out its way to preserve the environment through its green initiatives, which includes design, energy, water, waste and landscaping.

The numerous energy initiatives such as utilizing the swimming pool as a cooling tower for the chiller (one-of-a-kind system in Asia) has made the facilities one of the most energy efficient buildings in Singapore The resort also utilizes a range of water efficient processing technologies which made the resort one of the most water efficient facilities in Singapore.

Siloso Beach Resort

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Shell-abrate marine wildlife

It is home to peacocks, long-tailed macaques, hornbills and even monitor lizards. But do you know that Sentosa is a nesting spot for the critically endangered Hawksbill turtles? 5 rare turtle hatchings, including the most recent one just on 4 September 2019, have been recorded since 1996.

As part of Sentosa’s commitments to conserve wildlife around the island, various protective measures are put in place whenever a nest is discovered. One of which includes a protective barrier erected around the nest to keep the eggs safe from potential predators such as monitor lizards and crabs. Sentosa also actively works with National Parks Board (NParks) to monitor the eggs daily in order to ensure the safety of the eggs during the incubation period.

If you do spot a momma turtle nesting on the beach, you should contact SDC at 1800-SENTOSA (7368672).


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