Take a break from high-rise living and lose yourself in nature.

What better way to get active than to take in our scenic views and beautiful wildlife? If you’ve been a couch potato for too long, it’s time to get those legs moving and heart rate elevated.

Embark on a hike on our walking trails over at Sentosa. Choose from the Imbiah Trail or Coastal Trail. They offer breathtaking views that will keep you motivated as you clock in your steps for the day.

Don’t worry; these trails are beginner-friendly and won’t take up too much time.

Imbiah Trail | 2.3km (30 – 40 minutes)

The Imbiah Trail allows you experience a more tranquil side of Sentosa. Immerse yourself into nature and greenery as you venture into this trail. Pay close attention to the wildlife around you, as you may spot some of our endangered and rare species including the Magpie Robin.

Things to see:

Coastal Trail | 2.2km (30 – 40 minutes)

Be mesmerized with the scenic views this trail as to offer. Unlike our white-sand beaches that you are familiar with, the Coastal Trails brings you along to see new sights such as rocky and sandy shores, and coastal rainforests.

Things to see:


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