Food GuideBest beach bars in Sentosa

For all you nocturnal animals, nightlife’s a beach too. Our beaches in Sentosa aren’t just for hitting in the day, but also make atmospheric, isolated spots for romantic occasions or catch-up with your squad.

And what better way to enjoy the sea breeze than with a tipple or two? Cap off your adventurous day on the island with a nightcap at these beach bars in Sentosa.

Whether you’re craving some cocktails with delicious nosh, or wish to pair your bevvie with some night-time boogies once the kids are tucked in, here’s a handful of recommended beach bars that suit your fancy.


If you think you can take flying scarab beetles and other supernatural villains, climb aboard a minecart and begin your quest for the Egyptian Book of the Dead. This unpredictable dash hurtles through Ancient Egypt and is cloaked in pitch darkness most of the time. The cart climbs to a top speed of 72 kilometres per hour, complete with goosepimple-inducing sprints and descents.


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