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Sea, sand, and a barrage of colossal dance beats pounding into the night – there’s nothing quite like a beach party.

Fire up for the party of the year right here, right now

31 December will see the return of Singapore biggest beach countdown event, Siloso Beach Party 2019, featuring headliners Julian Jordan, MashD N Kutcher, DJ Kaylova, Jade Rasif and DJ Queenzell, and it comes complete with fireworks, foam parties and a jubilant New Year’s Eve countdown.

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But before you party like its 2020, you’ll want to make sure that you’re primped and prepped for this juggernaut-sized event. Follow these seven tried-and-tested tips, and you’ll be blazing through the fiesta like a party pro.

TIP #1

DO wear beach-ready attire

You didn’t work out all those months for nothing! Show off that rockin’ beach bod in your finest two-piece (or topless if you’re a hunk). Otherwise, dress light with tanktops, halters, or even a breezy kaftan if you’re feeling a lil’ seaside-chic. Costumes are optional, but keep it practical! You can get all your party frocks and outfits Zalora.

As for footwear, few things combine comfort and quality better than a pair of Havaianas flip-flops – flash your Siloso Beach Party 2019 email confirmation to enjoy 20% off a pair (terms & conditions apply).

DON’T bundle up

With Singapore’s tropical weather and all those hours of dancing, you won’t want to wear threads that reduce your manoeuvrability and weigh you down. Leave the jeans, sweaters and maxi dresses at home, and go easy on the accessories.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020

TIP #2

DO stay hydrated and fed

Like batteries, your body needs energy for the big night ahead. Fuel up by wolfing down the numerous snacks available at the festivals’ food kiosks.

And if you need to loosen your limbs (or liquid courage to chat up that cute guy), there’s plenty of booze to go around. Remember to drink lots of water too.

DON’T party on an empty stomach/h2>

Not only will this make you too weak to boogie, but trust us, guzzling the amount of alcohol you know you’ll inevitably have on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Drink like a fish, not flop on the floor like one.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020

TIP #3

DO bring power

Let’s face it: you can’t live without your Smartphone, and neither can we. With the flamboyant stages, iridescent pyrotechnics and Insta-worthy moments featuring your fave DJs, there will be plenty to snap for the ’gram. Bring a power bank so you can document the experience all night long.

DON’T be that powerless party pooper

“Hey, can I borrow a charger and cable?” is fine the first time. But ask another umpteen times, and you’re asking for judgy looks. And do you know what’s worse? Being that person whom your friends can’t contact because your phone is out of battery. IT HAPPENS.

However, if you still, for some reason, forgot to bring a power bank, there are 7 mobile charging points available at Siloso Beach Party. Say thank you.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020

TIP #4

DO bring power

It’s a festival, not a camping trip! Do only bring what you need, including, but not limited to, Smartphones, cash or credit cards, power banks, fans, wet wipes, tissue paper, earplugs, accessories, and sunglasses for the sunrise.

DON’T bring prohibited items

To ensure that everyone has a safe and swell experience, certain items won’t be allowed at the festivals. These include, but are not limited to, illegal substances, weapons, flammable items, outside food or beverages, professional cameras, drones, water guns, and chairs. After all, you’ll want to carry as little as possible while you’re grooving.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020

TIP #5

DO pace yourself!

Festivals are essentially party marathons, and while we encourage you to go wild, you'd be wise to conserve your energy too.

At both Legacy and Siloso Beach Party, the EDM tunage goes on from early evening to sunrise at multiple stages, so check their respective timetables to spot the DJs you really want to catch.

DON’T overdo it

“Now hold on, eager beavers. The party’s not going anywhere! There’s no need to dash to catch every DJ, and you don’t need to bounce along to every song. It’s cool to catch a break every now and then. Passing out in the middle of a party isn’t.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020

TIP #7

DO have a sound pre-game and exit strategy

Happening at Siloso Beach, both Legacy and Siloso Beach Party are a stone’s throw from beach bars such as Coastes, Bikini Bar and Ola Beach Club; perfect for getting the party started early. Alternatively, book a room at one of these many hotels in Sentosa, and have a cosy hideout for both your pre-game and post-festival shenanigans.

We’ve partnered with Grab to make your New Year’s Eve at Sentosa way easier. To make it more convenient to get to the party, you can make use of the Grab promo code “SBP2019” to enjoy $8 off your Grab ride (valid from 6pm to 10pm on 31 Dec) into Sentosa.

DON’T be stranded

The last thing you want after a euphoric party is a tedious journey home! Plan ahead, and book yourself a ride to pick you up at Beach Station or Siloso Point at a particular time. You can also make use of this awesome Grab promo code “Sentosa2020” to knock $8 off your Grab ride out of Sentosa after partying (valid from 2am to 6am on 1 January 2020). Otherwise, shuttle services will be available from Beach Station.

Siloso Beach Party 2019

31 Dec - 01 Jan 2020


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