A romantic moment on the island, a picturesque prelude to a night of shenanigans, or a winning photo opportunity that shutterbugs can’t resist – however you see it, there’s no denying the splendour of a sunset.

It’s nature’s way of saying, “You’ve had an amazing day”, and on Sentosa, you have plenty of vantage points to marvel at this Insta-worthy phenomenon.

Get ready to chase those golden hues and cotton candy clouds; here are five recommended spots to catch the sunset in Sentosa. 

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On the Royal Albatross

Ahoy there! How about catching the Golden Hour without trees and buildings ruining your shot? Put on your sailor’s cap and embark on a maritime adventure with the Royal Albatross, a four-masted, 22-sail superyacht that honours the Golden Age of Sail of the early 20th century.

Cruising on the open seas, you’re guaranteed a stellar view of the sunset as it takes its bow past the horizon. And to top off the luxury, a ticket aboard this classic vessel includes air-conditioned comfort, a buffet dinner, live music and two bars.

Yes, matey, you can toast to the sunset with a bubbly or cocktail in hand. So book your tickets for the Sunset Sail package – it’s perfect for a romantic date night, family outing, or living your Jack Sparrow fantasies. The Royal Albatross starts sailing again from 4 Sep 2020, and reservations are open now. 

DID YOU KNOW: Remember the scene in ‘The Dark Knight’ when Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) absconded with the entire Russian ballet on a ship to set up an alibi for Batman? Yup. That was on the Royal Albatross.

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47 metres up (or down)

For many, the sunset is a symbol of calm. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, perhaps it can be your calm… before the storm! Daredevils, salute the sunset atop Sky Park by AJ Hackett Sentosa's 47-metre bungy tower, and take a leap towards the horizon! Trust us, this particular sunset hunt will take your breath away, in more ways than one.

But say, you’re yearning for something a little less extreme instead; they has an alternative activity that will let you gaze at the sunset in awe – without going kamikaze through the air.

Be at eye level with the sunset when you amble across the Skybridge, and feel on top of the world while the sky makes its radiant transformation. 

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On the Cable Car

From the seas to the skies, here’s another jaw-dropping way to witness the sunset in all its golden glory.

Have yourself an unfettered vista of the sunset, while you admire a bird’s eye view of Sentosa’s top attractions like Fort Siloso, the colossal Sentosa Merlion, and Universal Studios Singapore.

Slow down the pace, get cosy with your loved ones, and soak up all that #sunsetporn.

The cable cars are a perfect, high-flying way to get around the island, and it’s been wowing riders of all generations since 1974 – a historic feat, no less. Find out its route info and ticket prices.

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The Beautiful Beaches

Nothing complements sunsets better than some sea and sand, and Sentosa has lots of it. Reward yourself after a heart-pumping game of volleyball, or take a chill pill with some seaside beers with your mates, and watch the sun make its grand descent from any of our three spacious beaches.

A pocket of paradise away from Singapore’s urban bustle, Sentosa is home to three distinctive beaches – Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, and Tanjong Beach.

While each resplendent shore offers its own unique array of activities and scenic spots, they all promise one thing – a top-notch view of the dreamy Golden Hour.

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Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

This photogenic locale is more than just a sweet spot to catch that coveted egg yolk in the sky, but it’s also a place of geographical importance.

As its name signifies, this vantage point lies on the edge of Continental Asia, making it a noteworthy landmark for any list-checking globetrotter.

In spite of this, you don’t have to worry about squeezing through throngs of tourists! This sequestered, idyllic islet off the coast of Palawan Beach is a welcome respite, easily accessible via a charming, and equally-Instagrammable rope bridge.

For the best view of the sunset, climb the viewing towers and stretch your gaze across the South China Sea. Take a moment, and find your inner peace here.

This blissful escape is open 24/7 with no admission charge. It opens from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. It is closed every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


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