Sisters' Islands & Pulau Hantu

Share in the legends of Sisters’ Islands and Pulau Hantu with a magical trip spent baking on white sand beaches or exploring the richly populated reefs with a mask and snorkel.

Sisters' Islands

A long time ago, there lived a pair of sisters, Minah and Lina, who shared a bond so strong that nothing could separate them. But one day, the notorious chief of the Orang Laut met and fell in love with Lina. Despite the sisters' pleas, the chief tried to take her away by forcing her into a boat. Just then, the sky turned dark and a storm broke out. As Minah made a final attempt to save her sister from leaving the jetty, a large wave engulfed her. On seeing this, Lina freed herself from her captors and jumped into the sea to join Minah.

The storm subsided but nowhere could the sisters be found. Instead, two islands emerged at the point where they had drowned. Originally named Subar Laut (3.9 hectares) & Subar Darat (1.7 hectares), these two tiny islands are now known as Sisters' Islands. It is said that each year on the very day the islands were formed, there will always be storms and rain.

Pulau Hantu

There were once two great warriors locked in a fierce battle at sea. Many people died and the blue seas slowly became polluted with human blood, upsetting the Jinns at the bottom of the ocean. In anger, one powerful Jinn created a whirlpool and sucked the two warriors deep into the sea to drown them. Undeterred, they continued their battle.

Suddenly, the Jinn sprayed water onto one of them. The other warrior, seeing his opponent blinded, thrust his sword into his abdomen. At the same time, the wounded warrior forced his sword into the other man. Both collapsed and died.

The gods felt it was wrong for the seas' spirits to interfere in human affairs, so the Jinn transformed the two warriors into islets so that their spirits could live on. As one of the warriors was smaller than the other, his islet was known as Pulau Hantu Kecil, while the larger one was named Pulau Hantu Besar.


For overnight camping on Pulau Hantu, please obtain prior approval (7 working days) from the Manager (Southern Islands Management), Sentosa, via email ( with your name and contact number, camping dates, and the number of campers wishing to stay. A camping permit will be issued. Please produce the permit upon request by the Marine Police. Please bring along your own camping equipment.

Please note that overnight camping will no longer be allowed on Sisters’ Islands with effect from 1 July 2015. For more details, please contact:
Mr Collin Tong -
Mr Koh Kwan Siong -