Images of Singapore LIVE


Bringing 200 years of Singapore history to LIVE!

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Learning objectives

  • To enhance the learning of Singapore’s history through a chronological ‘living’ experience which engages senses, emotions and intellect
  • To develop and reinforce students’ knowledge of the key milestones and players (ordinary and extraordinary) of Singapore’s history
  • To develop students’ awareness and understanding of how people, events and thing shaped and were shaped by the forces of change through first-hand experience
  • To provide opportunities for students to understand and explore the significance of self-and-other awareness, socio-cultural sensitivity and cohesion from different perspectives

Instilling Pride in Singapore’s Achievements:
Students will understand the achievement that our forefathers did in the past and develop Singapore into what she is today.

Understanding Singapore : Its Challenges and Opportunities:
Students will understand the many challenges Singapore faced experientially as a “Observer’ as they travel through the themes of Singapore history featured in Images of Singapore LIVE.

Learning Site

Your portal to the history of Singapore told through a fun and interactive way!

Images of Singapore LIVE is an actor-led attraction which showcases Singapore’s 200 year history. Newly revamped, the attraction now features live actors, special effects and immersive theming to create an almost theatre like experience.

 At Images of Singapore LIVE, guests will be taken on a journey to uncover Singapore’s transformation from third world to first. Visitors will be led by actors through fifteen new highly immersive areas which weaves together Singapore’s story. These areas include a quayside walk, Malay fishing village, Commercial Square, Jubilee Cinema, television shop and others. The final leg of the journey will see guests going onboard The Spirit of Singapore, a boat ride that uses dynamic lighting and multi-sensory effects to showcase the best of Singapore.

Additional Information:
Visitors are batched in groups of 35 into the attraction in approx. 8-minute intervals

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