School Programmes

Learning Experiential Journey


Bring your students out of the classroom into an extraordinary learning journey on Asia’s Favourite Playground! The programmes aim to encourage students to learn and think actively via self-exploration, inquiry and observation through a series of enriching interactive and hands-on activities.

What makes Sentosa School Programmes special? 

  • Multi-disciplinary
    Each programme covers a variety of subjects so that the out-of-classroom learning experience is maximized.

  • Inquiry-based, Active Learning
    Our programmes focus on student constructed active learning. Students are trained as problem solvers, and not mere direction followers. We do not just explain and transmit information; we ask students questions to make them think.

  • Process Oriented
    Instead of facts, our programmes focus on the development and sharpening of skills like Observing and Inferring. Students can then learn more on their own and transfer such skill sets to other areas.

  • Qualified as Learning Journey programmes by MOE

  • They are FUN!

School Programmes


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