Trick Eye Museum Singapore

 Trick Eye Museum originates in Korea with three museums in the country- Seoul, Jeju and Busan started in December 2010. The museum is popular not just among Korean locals but has also become a popular destination for tourists. Singapore is the very first stop of Trick Eye Museum’s foreign venture with a museum situated on the island of Sentosa.

Trick Eye Museum is globally recognized for its art technique in transforming 2D paintings and sculptures into the effect of 3D optical illusion. Visitors can express their imagination by being a photographer taking the most creative photographs or become an object of a realistic masterpiece.

There are a total of 90 artworks in Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Majority of the artworks in the museum are specially created for Singapore and not seen in the museums at Korea. The museum consists of six zones in different themes- 'World of Masterpiece', 'Safari Kingdom', 'Star of Circus', 'Dream of Fairy Tale', 'Love In Winter' and 'Adventure Discovery'. Several artworks are designed with elements of Singapore's culture such as horse-racing and also Singapore's most iconic symbol- 'Merlion'. Classic artworks of Trick Eye Museum such as the ‘Ames Room’ and ‘Magic Table’ are also featured.

Trick Eye Museum is an attraction for people of all ages coming together with friends, families and their loved ones. Embark on the adventure as you enter the 3D Battlefield.  A fun and engaging photo experience awaits you!

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