Animal & Bird Encounters

Animal & Bird Encounters

Come down to the Palawan Amphitheatre to enjoy fascinating displays of intelligence, agility and responsiveness from our animal friends.

Nimble monkeys, majestic birds-of-prey and colourful parrots all get in on the act!

Daily Programmes

2pm - 2.15pmLories Feeding at the Bird AviaryLive commentary on Aviary birds as they enjoy their lunch
3pm - 3.20pm"Bird Encounters" PresentationAn encounter with parrots at the Palawan Amphitheatre
4pm - 4.15pmClose EncountersAnimal meet-and-greet at the Close Encounters zone
5pm - 5.30pm"On the Wild Side" PresentationMulti-animal encounters at the Palawan Amphitheatre

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